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Punjab being food bowl of India is a harbinger of green revolution in the country and is striving to transform agriculture from sustenance to profitable and from localized to globalized. Agriculture contributes
to about 29% of the States GDP and provides livelihood to nearly 65% of its population. Punjab has been contributing about 50%-60% of wheat and about 35%-40% of rice procured by
the Government of India for food Security of the country for the last four decades. I congratulate the farmers for the record production of wheat in the current Rabi season. In
Rabi 2014. the production of wheat jumped to 176 lac MT against which 119lac MT has been procured by the state. The free power supplied to the farmers at a cost
of about Rs. 4778 crores have proved vital in this regard. The state Government invested Rs, 36798 crore for procurement of wheat paddy in the State in the year 2013-14
and procurement of wheat in the current financial year 2014-15 .To catalyze the process of improving the sustainability and viability of farming progressive Punjab Agriculture Summit was held in the
state wherein Agriculture Technologies were showcased and issues related to farmers and farming were debated .A Group of Experts has been constituted to suggest the ways and means to ameliorate the
economic distress of farmers . The State Government has provided Rs. 186 crores to SUGARFED to clear the arreas of Cane growers in the state. The State Government is committed to
enable the SUGARFED to make full payment to Cane growers in the State in the Year 2014-15 The State government has been providing assistance to farmers who are unable to cultivate
their lands properly due to fencing at International Border. I am pleased to inform this August House that the rate of compensation is being raised to Rs. 10,000 per acre to
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