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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said India is a stakeholder in the peace process in the Korean peninsula after he held wide-ranging deliberations with South Korean President Moon Jae-in that focused
on deepening strategic cooperation between the two countries. In the talks, the two sides agreed to significantly enhance cooperation in a range of areas including defence and security, artificial intelligence, trade
besides resolving to work together for regional peace and prevent proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. The two countries inked a total of 10 agreements covering a broad spectrum of areas
for cooperation and signed a document to facilitate negotiations to upgrade the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA). At a joint media event with Moon, PM Modi indirectly referred to North Korea's
proliferation linkages with Pakistan and that it was a reason why India is a stakeholder in the peace process. "During our talks, I told President Moon that proliferation linkages between North-East
Asia and South Asia is a matter of concern to India. Therefore, India is also a stakeholder in the peace process. We will do our bit to ensure peace," Modi said
in his press statement. India has been pressing for a probe into North Korea's nuclear proliferationlinkages with Pakistan and demanded that those responsible for it should be held accountable. The two
sides also released a vision document articulating ways to boost their strategic cooperation and reaffirming convergence of their views in dealing with maritime conflicts, in a clear reference to China's expansionist
behaviour in critical sea lanes. The vision document said the two leaders also reaffirmed that terrorism cannot be justified on any grounds and sought coordinated regional and global efforts. It said
both sides agreed to explore further possibilities to coordinate efforts in defence and strategic spheres and will enhance military exchanges, training and experience-sharing. The two sides also resolved to work together
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