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The US envoy to United Nations Nikki Haley today pointed to opportunities in Indo-US relationship at multiple levels including counter-terrorism and military aspects and said her visit was aimed at solidifying the
partnership between India and the US. Ms Haley, who is on her first visit to India after becoming US envoy to UN, asserted that religious freedom is as important as freedom
of people and their rights. Indian-American Haley, accompanied by US ambassador to India Kenneth Juster, visited the majestic tomb of Mughal emperor Humayun in Delhi and termed her visit as coming
back home. "It makes my heart-happy to be back in India, it is as-beautiful-as I remember it. Its always-good to be back home. My parents said I was crazy-to come-at this
time of the year because it is so-hot. But, I will tell you that the heat-is-worth it to be back-in-India," she said. Talking about strength of US-India relationship she said, the
two countries were oldest democracies that shared values of people, freedom and opportunities. "We see those opportunities between the US and India in a multiple level of ways whether in counter
terrorism, whether it is the fact that we want to continue democratic opportunities, whether it is a fact that we want to start to work together more strongly in military aspects,"
she said. Ms Haley said that there are lot-of-things common between India and the US and her visit was to solidify the friendship. "In this day and time we see more
and more reasons for India and the UnitedState to come together. I am here to once-again solidify our love for India, our belief in the friendship India and the US
have and our willingness to make that relationship even more stronger," she said. Hailing preservation of Humayun tomb as a reminder of value attached by India to culture, she said,"Humayun tomb
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