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BJP veteran Arun Jaitley has slammed those who have opposed a muscular policy to deal with terrorists and Maoists. Hitting out at the Congress party and the human rights groups, Union Minister
Arun Jaitley has said that terrorists and Maoists are a threat to human rights and must be dealt with firmly. Jaitley, who is currently a Union minister without portfolio, made these
remarks in a hard-hitting Facebook blog on Thursday. He also took to Twitter and shared the link of his facebook blog. In his blog, Jaitley said that dealing with terrorists who
refuse to surrender is not a "muscular policy" but a law and order issue which cannot wait for a political solution. Jaitley's blog comes at a time when the Congress leaders
have expressed fears that the imposition of the Governor's Rule in Jammu & Kashmir might result in the return of the 'muscular policy' to deal with the Kashmir issue. "At times
we get-caught in-the idioms that we create. One such phrase is "muscular policy in Kashmir". To deal with a killer is also a law and order issue. It can't wait for
a political solution. "A fidayeen is willing to die. He is also willing to kill. Should he be dealt with by offering Satyagraha before him? When he advances to kill, should
the security forces that confront him, ask him to sit on a table and have a dialogue with them, the BJP veteran asked in his Facebook post. Suggesting how the terrorists
and the secessionist should be dealt, Jaitley said the policy should be to protect the ordinary citizen of the Kashmir Valley, get him freedom from the terror and provide him with
a better quality of life and environment. "It is paramount to protect India's sovereignty and the right to life of its citizens," he said. Jaitley regretted that the front human rights
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