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Socialists prophesied this situation many years ago: General prosperity in a country under a capitalist regime depends not on the amount of wealth within the country, but on its ability to dispose of its surplus wealth. The capitalist system will, automatically crack. Capitalism, therefore, contains within itself the seeds of it to replace the profit-making motive of industry with the motive of service. Things are valuable in use, not merely in exchange as the capitalist thinks. Socialism differs from communism in that it is a tendency, not a body of dogmas. There is no authoritative statement of its ideals upon which all are agreed and it is possible for many who do not call themselves socialists to sympathise with some of their principles. Whether under such conditions the theories can be put to practice is a policy advocating the ownership and control of the means of production. It seeks to balance a rigid discipline in what affects the individual himself. It admits Mill's distinction between self-seeking and other regarding actions, but it claims that Mill misstated the problem by underestimating the part played by economics. The aim of socialism is the creation of equality, because it holds that liberty is not worth having without the security that equality provides. It is possible to infer from the passage that capitalism may be eradicated: (a) When the exploited proletariat rise in revolt. (b) Only if socialism is ushered in. (c) When global capitalism reached its saturation point. (d) when people become more spiritually inclined. The postulate of socialism, as opposed to that of capitalism is this: (a) That all men must enjoy unbridled liberty. (b) Individual happiness and social well-being must necessarily be mutually exclusive. (c) Surplus wealth should be siphoned off in the form of increased wage for the working class. (d) Production of all goods should serve the purpose of social utility. A question which cannot be answered on the basis of what has been said in the passage is this: (a) When does capitalism become self-annihi-latory? (b) What makes it possible for socialism to permeate into even non-socialistic society? (c) Could surplus wealth ensure stability in capitalistic society? (d) Is socialism inimical to the development of a man's personality? The concept of equality is given precedence over the concept of liberty in socialist doctriness because:
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