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The reality, we did not realize at the time of communal division of 1947 and not ready to accept even today. But, the consequences are there. The corrosive forces have spread their tentacles in the infrastructure of Sikh Panth. The RSS has embraced Sikhs to stab them back. The Sikh farmers of Kutch is still fresh: An extreme of example of thanklessness. How they have been hounded from the land they made cultivable with their years of blood and soild. The Sikh farmers were exhorted to settle in Rann of Kutch in 1965 by the P.M. Lal Bahadur Sahtri, so that this barren inhospitable terrain can be made cultivable. When Sikhs did this and the farm-land became fertile and valuable. The government of Gujrat barred these Sikh farmers from either selling, or taking loans or subsidy on their land, This was done by enacting the oldest law which was lying dormant, The Bombay Tenancy and agricultural Land Act 1958. The government also stopped issuing certified copies of land records. When farmer challenged the order in Gujrat Hiigh Court and won, the government of Gujrat filed an appeal in the Supreme Court against the order. Along with this, these farmers were targeted and attacked, When they complained, police booked them instead. Exactly the way, police booked the victims of "Gau Rakshaks". The Sikhs are not alone, all minorities and advocators of civil liberties are being targeted: Why only Sikhs, all minorities and advocators of civil liberties and Human rights are worried. Even the world didn't take it vague when US President Obama, after returning from India in 2015 was compelled to comment, "Acts of intolerance that would have shocked Gandhi ji". Those who are aware of the news and are able to perceive beyond flattery drumming of 'godi' media, know very well about the present situation. The situation where the "culture of majoritarian belligerence and aggression" has put the "life and liberty of the minority in fear".
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