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"Constitutional provisions and state and national laws in India - do not comply with international standards of freedom of religion or belief, including Article 18 of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights" concludes the US Commission of International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) report challenges faced by Religious Minorities in India' The removal of Sikh Guru and Sikh warriors from the newly introduced history book by Punjab School Education Board of Class XII is not a simple mistake to be ignored. It is to be properly investigated and defaulters are to be brought to justice. More, because they mischievously tried to play with the developing thought process of the students. They tried to impose an unhealthy material on growing citizens. Exposing such elements will pay in the long way in free and fair development of human society. It will be very much in the interest of aspiration of the state, in the interest of the culture-tradition and heritage it represents. The people of Punjab have every right to know which forces conspired to change their glorious history under the pretest of bringing it in parity with national level syllabus. Investigate, expose and put the wicked to justice: As the experts are of the view that the book not only audaciously deleted of Sikh Gurus from the syllabus, but the new book also has countless mistake in its content, in presenting the facts and its proof-reading. The language used in it is of poor quality which lacks the soul of Punjabi. It is not an originally written in Punjabi but a poorly translated work from other language as crowded with Hindi and Sanskrit words, which will be difficult to understand for Punjabi students. In addition, the book fails to give any positive and constructive direction to its readers and is not representing real aspirations of the history of Punjab. Will the "Committee" be empowered to protect against the 'hidden agenda'?
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