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@Punjab was also the first to see the need for a complete revamp o the administrative structure and! decision making processes, beginning from the smallest and the lowest to the highest levels. With this #in view the State launched a /process of governance ,"reforms that has " made a landmark and a trend setter not only/ for other governments ,including the government of india but also $for public figures and political parties All that," we hear in the country these" days about putting %the common man at the centre of /decision making processes began in Punjab ,with Governance ^Reforms, Even more important than the technical details of the steps taken," Significant as these are &by the philosophy behind these reforms .The philosophy is that in a free democratic country ,governments must ensure the dignity of each individual and must function as facilitators ,not as &rulers ,Punjab," Roadways/PUNBUS and PRTC are operating the fleet of 15.95 and *10.10 buses respectively In order" to curb leakage of revenue the system of electronics ticketing =machine has been introduced for issuing tickets to passengers. 80 ordinary and 20 HAVC new buses were inducted into PRTC fleet. During 2014-15 there is a proposal to replace 265 ordinary buses of PUNBUS and to add 25 HVAC buses and 10 super integral coaches with a total cost of Rs. $75 crore. Punjab Roadways/PUNBUS and PRTC haveprovided free $concessional travellin facility worth Rs .302 Crores in the last two years to various sections of the society such as Students, police and jail personnel, Handicapped "person" Freedom Fighters, Cancer and Thalassemia Patients and ladies above 6.5 Years. Memorials are also coming up to! preserve and promote the memory of some other great moments in our history. One of these is dedicated #to the memory of the great Moti Lal Mehra ji Singh ji's $Sahibzadas, Baba Zorawar Singh's ji and Baba Fateh Singh ji at Sirhind, Fatehgarh Sahib!
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