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Today, amongst others, there are primarily two ideological groups which are involved in insurgency and terrorism. Amongst the Jihadis and the separatists, there are many who are trained by our western neighbour and actively financed by it. Their prime objective is to create disaffection against the Indian State. They are active in a few parts of India but predominantly in the State of Jammu and Kashmir. Some local youth have also joined them. The second group is the Maoist insurgent. They are primarily in some of the tribal districts in central India but their ideological supporters are spread out in various parts of the country. Both these groups want to overthrow constitutionally elected Governments - they abhor democracy. They use violence as a means of impacting a political change. In the system that they perceive, there is no democracy, no elections, no equality, no free speech and no guarantee of life and liberty. On the contrary, most of them believe that power flows from the barrel of the gun. They indulge in large-scale violence, killing of innocents and sabotage the development activity for public welfare. The Jihadis believe that there is space for only one religion and the Maoist believe that there is space for none. Of late a visible coordination between the two is becoming more and more apparent. Who is threatening human rights of the citizens? In the State of Jammu and Kashmir, who is threatening the human rights of the citizens? The entire Kashmiri Pandit community has been banished from the State. Initially spared but after the Chittissinghpura Massacre in the year 2000, most of the Sikh community has moved out. Today most of the people left in the valley belong to the majority community of the State. Most of them don't support secessionist. Many of them have also set up a base in other cities of India. The Kashmiri youth are going to other States for education and jobs. My own interaction with various groups, particularly students of Kashmir University, left me with an impression that there are extremely bright youngsters with aspirations. Their entire environment is being disrupted. In the last few years most innocent citizens that the terrorist are killing in the valley, are fellow Kashmiri themselves. In fact, one of the worst victims of Pakistan's misconceived Kashmir policy has been the residents of Kashmir valley. The region, on the strength of its natural beauty, artisans and agriculture, has the potential of being the wealthiest per capita State in the country. The terrorists have destroyed it. For the past three years the terrorists up their activities in the months of April, May and June so that the economic lifeline of the valley suffers in the tourism season. They terrorise courts; they kill editors; they kill innocent citizens and they don't allow any alternate religion to be practised. Who is threatening the human rights of the citizens of Kashmir? It is obvious that it is the terrorists and the Jihadis who have done it. The whole country bears a large cost by putting its security personnel in the region in order to protect the innocent citizens. Many security personnel have been martyred. The Maoist don't allow development activity to be undertaken in those tribal regions where they have a presence. They kill innocent tribals who don't agree with them; they destroy public buildings; they kill security personnel and they even charge a parallel tax from helpless citizens.
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